About​​​ the Piikani Money Campaign
                 ~Just Don't Blow It
The Piikani Money “Just Don’t Blow It” Campaign is a grassroots pilot program being launched by a number of organizations and agencies working together to support landowners on the Blackfeet Reservation who will be receiving offers from the Department of the Interior under its Land Buy Back program. The campaigns is intended to foster awareness of predatory practices and scams as well as increase knowledge of beneficial financial practices and opportunities, and thus increase the financial readiness and awareness of those individuals who may be receiving payments. A study has found that when large amounts of money are injected in a relatively low-economic community there is a higher risk of being scammed by predatory sellers of goods, becoming a victim of financial abuse, or missing financial opportunities such as becoming a homeowner, starting a business, or saving for education. The campaign’s focus, through a broad multi-media platform, is to help land buy back offerees and their families to become financially aware and prepared. The “Just Don’t Blow It” campaign will address:

• Avoiding falling victim to financial fraud, scams and predatory sellers of goods
• Preventing elder financial abuse
• Investing in the future by purchasing a home or starting a business
• Smart investing and saving
• Becoming “banked”
• Understanding how the impact of land buy-back monies could affect lease income and public benefits
• Cultivating financially savvy youth
Land Buy-Back Survey
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We encourage all Land Buy-Back program offerees to fill out the Land Buy-Back Finall Assessment Survey.  Download the form or click the button below and fill out on-line.  Please encourage your friends and family to participate in the survey as well. 
*By filling out the survey, you will be eligible to win a new iPad!

For more information or to pick up a survey, visit us at 101 Pata Street (next to Manpower) in Browning; surveys will also be availble on line, on our Facebook page and at other businesses and organizations throughtout the community!
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Business Partner Survey