Will your Public Benifits be affected by Land Buy Back?
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Are your receiving Public Benefits: SNAP, AFCD, General Tribal Assistance, Social Security, Unemployment, Disability, or any other form of Public Benefits and finally Lease Payments?

What is the threshold amount that will affect your Public Benefits, when will accepting the Land Buy Back offer affect my benefits and for how long?

When deciding wether or not your will accept the offer, please, consider these questions for your financial future.  Below you will find the basic answers to these question however, some circumsatnces may change timelines.

  • Medicaid:
    • Payments derived from the Cobell settlement are excluded as both income and resources as long as the funds can be specifically identified as being from this settlement, including Tribal land buyback program.  The first purchase with excluded Native American funds will also retain this exclusion.
  • SNAP:
    • The income is excluded in the month it is received and excluded as a resource for 12 months*. 
  • TANF:
    • The income is excluded in the month it is received and excluded as a resource for 12 months*. 

*Any amount retained after 12 months becomes countable and is added to all other countable resources to determine ongoing resource eligibility. Investing within the first 12 months will be most beneficial.

To find out further information on how your Public Benefits will be affected, please contact: 
  • Blackfeet Manpower office at (406) 338-2111 regarding Tribal General Assistance and AFCD.
  • Office of Public Assistance in Browning at (406) 338-5171 regarding AFDC, SNAP and Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Office of Special Trust (OST) at (406) 338-4358

Land Buy-Back Assessment Survey information

The Piikani Money Campaign surveys were completed at three junctures of the campaign, the first survey was before the Blackfeet Land Buy-Back offers were sent, the second, the Follow-up (mid) survey was conducted after the offers we accepted and delivered to recipients and the final report was completed approximately six months after the Buy-Back payments were dispursed and recipients could accurately tell us how they spent thier monies and if the financial literacy information was utilized.

Below you will find all three surveys, measuring the effectiveness of the Piikani Money, financial literacy, campaign.

Pre-Assessment Report
Follow-up Assessment Report
Final Assessment Report
The On Reservation vs Off Reservation Report shows the impact of the campaign by comparing people in the target campaign area compared to people off reservation who were less influenced by the campaign, or not influenced at all by the campaign. Very informative on the impacts of the campaign.
On/Off Reservation Report

*Many thanks to all who took our surveys, you were instrumental in helping us to better serve our community.