Financial Readiness Resources
The Piikani Money campaign goal is to reach the Land Buy-Back offer recipients, encouraging them to make informed, financial decisions.  The core messages we are promoting are:

In this Resource section, you will find the organizations and information that best fit your needs as Land Buy-Back offers go out and monies are dispersed. 

We would like to see all offer recipients prepared.
~ Just Don't Blow It 

And each page in the Resource drop-down tab has extensive information on each organization who has joined the Piikani Money campaign team to enhance efforts in
If you would like assistance or more information, contact us at (406) 338-2992 or via email:

Land Buy-Back Survey
Enter for a chance to win a new iPad!
We encourage all Land Buy-Back program offerees to fill out the Land Buy-Back Finall Assessment Survey.  Download the form or click the button below and fill out on-line.  Please encourage your friends and family to participate in the survey as well. 
*By filling out the survey, you will be eligible to win a new iPad!

For more information or to pick up a survey, visit us at 101 Pata Street (next to Manpower) in Browning; surveys will also be availble on line, on our Facebook page and at other businesses and organizations throughtout the community!
On-Line Final
Assessment Survey

Business Partner and Input  Survey

Business Partner Survey