Avoid falling victims to financial fraud…
Don’t be a victim
Beware of scams and frauds, Do your research
                    ~Just Don’t Blow It

Payment recipients are often targeted by financial fraudsters and scammers offering, "too good to be true" investment opportunities or setting up temporary shop near reservations, offering substandard goods and services for highly inflated rates including but not limited to, vehicles, cell phones and carriers and furniture. 

Know what your purchasing, do your research.  There are many resources available to utilize in making decisions on large and small purchases.

For more information, contact:

The Blackfeet Country Chamber of Commerce: www.blackfeetcountrychamber.com and visit them on Facebook: @Blackfeetcountrychamber

The Blackfeet Department of Commerce: www.blackfeetcommerce.com or (406) 338-5545.
Land Buy-Back Assessment Survey information

The Piikani Money Campaign surveys were completed at three junctures of the campaign, the first survey was before the Blackfeet Land Buy-Back offers were sent, the second, the Follow-up (mid) survey was conducted after the offers we accepted and delivered to recipients and the final report was completed approximately six months after the Buy-Back payments were dispursed and recipients could accurately tell us how they spent thier monies and if the financial literacy information was utilized.

Below you will find all three surveys, measuring the effectiveness of the Piikani Money, financial literacy, campaign.

Pre-Assessment Report
Follow-up Assessment Report
Final Assessment Report
The On Reservation vs Off Reservation Report shows the impact of the campaign by comparing people in the target campaign area compared to people off reservation who were less influenced by the campaign, or not influenced at all by the campaign. Very informative on the impacts of the campaign.
On/Off Reservation Report

*Many thanks to all who took our surveys, you were instrumental in helping us to better serve our community.