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Small business developement and entrepneurship, including agricultural operations, provide communities for tribal members to augment incomes and expand personal and community economic opportunities and growth.  However, lack of access to capital for business start-up or expansion is an ongoing challenge for entrepeneurs and for developing this sector of the reservations economy.  The Piikani Money campaign will raise awareness about opportunities for land buy-back payment recipients who so desire to establish their own business or agricultural operation.

There are several enties that can assist the entrepreneur get started.  The NACDC offers a wide range of services such as, technical assistance for writing up a business plan, the road map to your business, creating budgets, marketing strategies, etc.  In addition, the NACDC also offers small business loans weather your an artist, craftsperson, cook or rancher, they can assist with loans or finding a grant that fits your needs. 

They can be reached at (406) 338-2992 or via email:   and through our website: .

Land Buy-Back Survey
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We encourage all Land Buy-Back program offerees to fill out the Land Buy-Back Finall Assessment Survey.  Download the form or click the button below and fill out on-line.  Please encourage your friends and family to participate in the survey as well. 
*By filling out the survey, you will be eligible to win a new iPad!

For more information or to pick up a survey, visit us at 101 Pata Street (next to Manpower) in Browning; surveys will also be availble on line, on our Facebook page and at other businesses and organizations throughtout the community!
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Business Partner Survey